Writer and Son

I first knew I was a songwriter when I was young.  I wrote a crooner song in 4th grade, thinking of Steve Lawrence doing the vocals.  "Why Do You Leave Me Now?"

I sang it to my mom and dad.  Sigh.  I then resorted to writing obscene lyrics to top 40 songs to impress my friends.  I wrote my next song in high school......."What Just What Now is it?"  It was as popular as my first attempt.  I still don't know what "it" is or was.  Next, I "wrote" a song that had unfortunately already been written and recorded by the Moody Blues.  I showed it to my girlfriend.  She said "That's a Moody Blues song."  "Oh I know I just thought it made a great poem about my feelings for you."  I said.  I got honest in college and wrote songs for and with a band from the mid 70s to to 1997 when the band broke up.  They would have kicked me out anyway for going bald. In May of 2013 I started writing again.  I am a husband, father, psychotherapist, dog owner, model citizen, and rabid Cleveland Browns fan, having been born in Cleveland.  I live with my wife and youngest son in Franklin, Indiana.  I hope my best work is in front of me.